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Welcome to the Rumson Garden Club

Over the past one hundred plus years, RGC’s purpose has been to promote the knowledge and love of gardening and nature. It has maintained a vital community presence ranging from informative lectures open to the public, promoting the planting and conservation of native trees, plants and wildflowers, designing and maintaining mini-gardens in Rumson and donating scholarships to graduating high school students who demonstrate an interest in environmental studies. RGC both supports the purpose and activities of the GCA activities, and keeps its members informed on governmental issues that pertain to natural resources.

Recent Activities

Remembering Linda Mallan

Linda Smith Mallan died peacefully November 24, 2021.  She was a member of the Rumson Garden Club since 1992.  In perhaps the only competitive interaction of her life, she enthusiastically participated in flower arranging competitions, winning many blue ribbons and silver bowls.  She loved her garden but loved even more when friends sharred cuttings or divisions of each other's plants.  She had a special fondness for the times when young members came to her garage for advice with arrangement submissions, to borrow a pot, or take home bouquets and clippings.  She had an orchid hospital in her greenhouse and always took in strays, regularly nursing recalcitrant, near-dead plants back to bloom.  Linda touched many hearts in the RGC and she will be dearly missed.