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rumson garden club

Welcome to the Rumson Garden Club

Over the past one hundred plus years, RGC’s purpose has been to promote the knowledge and love of gardening and nature. It has maintained a vital community presence ranging from informative lectures open to the public, promoting the planting and conservation of native trees, plants and wildflowers, designing and maintaining mini-gardens in Rumson and donating scholarships to graduating high school students who demonstrate an interest in environmental studies. RGC both supports the purpose and activities of the GCA activities, and keeps its members informed on governmental issues that pertain to natural resources.

Recent Activities

Olmsted Garden Design Competition

Olmsted Video and Promo


RGC Competition Guidelines and Site Plan: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bASPz2XuFy49ea8e8JEih4kH_tzgQQ-n/view

Past GCA President Dede Petri On Olmsted 200 and the GCA: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ijghczgdh8O24D3hF7shg9BgQ4f7mAeV/view

Native Plant Society of NJ:https://soildistrict.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/RainGardenManualNJ.pdf

Relevant information from the Rutgers Rain Garden Manual (Pgs 29-31): http://water.rutgers.edu/Rain_Gardens/RGWebsite/misc/3_Planning_14-31.pdf

This appendix has information from plant resources, plant lists and samples designs: http://water.rutgers.edu/Rain_Gardens/RGWebsite/misc/7_Appendix_52-68.pdf

Native pollinator plant list: http://www.rumsonnj.gov/env/native-plants.html

Olmsted 200 Website: https://olmsted200.org