In Memoriam: Diane Clarke

A few words about a distinguished member of our Garden Club, Diane Clarke, who died in July this past year.

Coming to Rumson from Summit in 1983, Diane knew and loved New Jersey, and was happy to show it off. Talented in the arts, an avid gardener and exhibiting horticulturalist, Diane is perhaps best remembered for her contributions to The Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens. This collection of slides, photos, plans and files documents over 4,500 gardens in the U.S. Diane researched and photographed the notable gardens throughout this region for the archives. For her work she was awarded the GCA Historic Preservation Award in 2013. Other notable GCA awards she won as a member of the RGC are the Elizabeth Pratt Corning Medal in 1993, the Catherine Beattie Medal in 2004, and the GCA Medal of Merit in 2008, in addition to the prizes awarded to her at our annual meetings.

Diane had many friends in the New Jersey Clubs. She kept her membership in both the Summit Garden Club and ours, and represented them in many capacities. She was always willing to share her artistic talents, her knowledge of plants, and treasures from her gardens. A happy personality and considerate friend, Diane Clarke will be remembered, and missed, by those who love and honor her in the Rumson Garden Club.

From Anne Weill, October 2021


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