September Update – 2023

September Update – 2023

The Monmouth Daycare Center playground garden has thrived over the summer with help from the children and staff. Civics has planted flowers, native pollinators, herbs and vegetables. The project was initiated in April and has been a fun experiment  growing in raised beds. We have learned that sunflower seeds should probably be started indoors because the birds love to eat them. We also learned that certain vegetables take over small raised beds. The plan is to find ways to include the children more and teach them about gardening.

The Oceanic Library window boxes have done well over the summer with very little maintenance. The fall cabbage, kale and pansies are on order from Linwyck Gardens and will be picked up on Wednesday, September 13 in the morning and the plan is to plant around 11:30am. Please bring: pruners, gloves and trowel.

Also please check out the new rain garden at Victory Park (Rumson) if you haven’t already.The Rumson Environmental Commission-aka Heather Robinson, Kristen Hall and Jodi Sackett have worked hard to plan and execute this first step in supporting “Green Infrastructure” in our community. The Partners for Plants GCA grant helped fund the project.

Civics will help maintain the garden and support future projects as they move forward. As RGC members, we should all promote these projects in our community by educating fellow members and encouraging the elected officials in our towns.


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