Congratulations RGC Executive Board: 2023-2024

Congratulations RGC Executive Board: 2023-2024

Congratulations to our new executive board & committee chairs for the 2023-2024 year!


President: Susan Olson

First Vice President: Heather Robinson

Second Vice President: Anne Reiss

Treasurer: Christina Weber

Recording Secretaries: Elaine Eadon & Donna France

Corresponding Secretaries: Machiko Maki & Maya Speelmans



      Joan Lynch: Class of 2024     Jeanne Shanley: Class of 2026

Maya Speelmans: Class of 2025    Kathryne Singleton: Class of 2027



Awards: Avery Brighton & Kathy Donnolly

Botanical Arts: Mary Jane O’Hare, Stella Ryan

Civics: Betsy Ford, Michelle Mindich

Communications: Tilden Brighton-Wilt, Sarah Fleming, Kathryne Singleton

Conservation: Piper Leddy, Jo Ann Molnar

Floral Design: Taphy Harcsar, Susan Soroklit

Garden History & Design: Anne Reiss

Horticulture: Alexandra Smith, Bonnie Torcivia

Judging: Debbie O’Donoghue, Sheila Ehrenberg

Membership: Barbara Batting

Photography: Lindsay Branin, Liz Dusko

Program: Cionna Buckley, Cathy Smith

Scholarship: Mary Heins, Ann Rossbach

Visiting Gardens / Field Trips: Robbyn O’Neill



Bird Watch: Jan Glass

Christmas Greens: Stephanie Hoitt, Missy Falkenberg

Club Historian: Peeka Tildesley

Fundraising: Heather Robinson

Handbook: Lisa Bitterly, Peeka Tildesley

NJ Committee/Founder’s Fund: Cynthia Labrecque, Kathleen Onieal

New Member Liasion: Joan Lynch

Nominating/Policy: Heather Robinson

Staging: Mary Brodsky, Wendy Wilt


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